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We have access to more information than ever before, but knowledge alone is not enough to attain wisdom and success. 3PointPath connects knowledge with tools in a guided executive coaching program to enable you to strategically build your path by replacing fear with confidence.


Wisdom used to be passed down from generation to generation, master to apprentice, teacher to student, parent & relatives to child. Now, many we derive their knowledge from the internet and lack the support systems to help us offline. While the internet is useful for breadth of knowledge, it is not something that helps us develop judgment and the ability to make sense of mountains of information to get through life. Judgment is learned through guidance and proficiency developed through experience and practice.


3PointPath is a success fundamentals program to help you explore core issues to develop your own roadmap, so you can move forward in your life with confidence. We distill the noise and focus on using proven and tested tools along with expert guidance to help you get clarity.


Because learning and growth is an iterative process, the suite of professional coaching services are also designed to help you review and revise your success strategies as you grow and change in life. 3PointPath offers Refreshers and Check-ins to help you update your personal roadmap.


3PointPath PROGRAM

In this 3-part program, each module runs for a month, with weekly online small group sessions, centered around tested tools to help you:

  1. Know Yourself - uncover your strengths, fears, how to focus & prioritize, and build confidence in yourself your path forward

  2. Understand others - focus is on developing emotional intelligence and building communication skills

  3. Get mad skills - now figure out what you skills (hard & soft) you need to get to achieve your next level of achievement


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