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June W Choi

I believe in the potential within each of you to achieve beyond expectations and limitations, because that is what I did.

I am an immigrant woman who grew up in the midwest where I was truly an alien, through massive technological changes we take for granted today. Once I decided not to follow the life path laid out by my parents & culture, my career path has been unusual but rich winding from arts & nonprofit management to philanthropy to business strategy consulting to teaching entrepreneurs to launching Serval Ventures and Serval Lab as a datatech venture builder/investor. I managed to become a self-made professional in a male dominated field with few mentors. And I am passing on my legacy raising a strong daughter.

They say you learn from mistakes, that what doesn't break you makes you stronger. I have become wise and exceptionally strong. Along the way, I've learned that I am an unusually complex, aggregate, 4D thinker able to see entire structures & systems evolve over time in my head. This enables me to see the potential in others, often more clearly than they can. Let me be the mirror of your potential self. Throughout my life, I have managed, mentored, advised and coached many. I have taken my lifetime learnings and organized it into the 3PointPath to help you achieve better and faster.

I hope to continue to learn and grow as we work together and help you achieve your most ambitious dreams.

I'd been floundering around for 2-3 years on the direction of my business. June helped my find the vision I had buried deep inside and now I'm super excited and producing incredible results with the new direction of my business. Thank you June!

June's keen insights steered my startup company in a direction that has since received interest from investors. Without her creative and strategic abilities we would not have had that opportunity. Very thankful for her talents and highly recommend.

I used June as a career coach as I made a career transition into finance from the media industry... June was incredibly helpful throughout this process, and I could not recommend her more... The way I conducted interviews before her coaching was much different than the way I conducted them after, and it definitely showed in the results/success I was seeing in going through the process- continuing to be asked back after each round. In addition to coaching me on the interview process, she also gave me valuable advice on how to approach the follow-up and negotiation steps of the process. I would highly recommend June to anyone seeking guidance in interviewing for new jobs, or any general career advice.

As a solo attorney with a growing practice, I first hired June for a one-on-one business consultant session to advise me on some ongoing issues and questions I had. She offered excellent insight into my business practices and strategies to help improve. She also provided de-stressing tools to implement in my personal time to maintain my focus and health overall. It wasn't long until I hired June again for another one-on-one session and then brought her in for a business coaching "wellness" workshop for myself and my staff of 3. It has been a pleasure having June's insight and advice along the way. Highly recommended!

June is a resourceful and innovative advisor for professionals and organizations that are navigating change. ...she provided our board and staff with strategies to make significant and unique agency transformations. June also has the capacity to ask hard questions and to engage players in recognizing their own system roles.


The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.

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